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Born in the Czech Republic in a village of 300 people during the communist era. From dressing her dolls, to attending textile school of technology and soon after the Velvet Revolution leaving for London gave her first glimpse at real fashion. But it wasn’t until a destiny brought her to Aspen in 2001 and her love for skiing made her to design a pair of ski pants for herself. Based on the feedback, she realized her true gift for designing not only the ability to make clothes and a psychic convincing her that she would end up moving to NY and she did. NY became her home and that’s where she feels at her best.  It took a decade to really master her craft and use all her skills with spandex and different combination of materials to create a line of jackets, that helps her clients embrace their inner warrior, help them feel invincible, fearless, grateful, strong etc. She loves working directly with her affluential Aspen and NY clientele. Every signature design comes from a need of her own to look and feel certain way and everything is not only fashionable but also very practical. 

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